Driving Force

The Powertech Business Forum of POWERTRENDS will remain to be the driving force in the changing market dynamics.  Beyond the usual factors considered in energy planning, we will rope in technological innovations in conservation and end-use efficiency, improvements in manufacturing technologies and processes and emerging renewable technologies.



Top trends in the industry among which are 

• More gas capacity added to the grid
• Rise of distributed resources in response to demand (e.g. electric vehicles, batteries, etc.)
• Solar emerging breakthroughs in handling intermittency issues and communication
• Smart grid


Emerging commercial energy management trends 

• More gas capacity added to the grid
- Microgrids and AI
- Digital demands:  energy blockchain and IOT
• Energy management system for commercial and industrial use
• Energy efficiency:  IOT and smart lighting, turnable white lighting, etc.


A review of the past 25 years in Philippine energy development

First organized in 1995 at the height of the then prevailing energy crisis,  POWERTRENDS was a collaboration with the newly-organized Department of Energy and the National Power Corporation. Since then, POWERTRENDS has become a part of the history of the Philippine energy sector. From acute blackouts up to the entry of the Build-Operate Transfer (BOT) program of power plants – and  onward to the passage and enforcement of the EPIRA Law that ushered in the privatization of the country’s power assets, to the passage and promotion of the Renewable Energy Act and to the New Contracting Program for Exploration, we had been there, providing a venue for discussion of much-needed policy and regulatory frameworks for the industry. 

The last POWERTRENDS edition covered 2,850 sq.m. of the SMX Convention Center in Manila, Philippines and attracted 4,625 trade visitors.  The conference was attended by 249 senior officials from government and the private sector.  Attendees came from the U.S. U.K., Germany, Netherlands, Japan, China, Philippines, Finland and others. 

Powertrends international exhibition and its conferences are attended by CEOs and senior officials of private and government energy-related companies, businessmen, contractors, investors and representatives of financial institutions.  The occasion provides a platform for close interaction among energy players and government authorities ensuring opportunities for privileged networking and business exchanges. 

For further background on Powertrends, please click the History of PowerTrends and the Show Report of the last event.


DOE plans and directions the next 2 years

• Energy access for all
• Cheaper  electricity

Forum Info

September 5, 2022       
New World Hotel
Makati City, Philippines

February 8- 10, 2023
SMX Convention Center
Pasay City, Philippines

• Energy directions of the new administration
• Energy Transition and Decarbonization : The Role of Business
• Impact of the Global Developments on Philippine Energy
• The RE Auction program of the Government : How will this incentivize new investments?
• The Convergence of Energy and ICT

Conference Delegates Profile:Attendees of the Conference include the following:

• Local and National Government Agencies Directors
• Chairman, Presidents and Chief Executive Officers
• Managing Directors and General Managers
• Technical Managers
• Partners & Associates
• Scientists and Researchers
• Members of the Academes
• Banks and Finance Sector Executives

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