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POWERTRENDS will celebrate its 25th anniversary on 2023. As the oldest and best-established energy show in the Philippines, we will celebrate together with all our past exhibitors and sponsors.

New Sectors in Focus• To keep up with the 8.2% economic growth after Covid 19
• To respond to critical issues uncovered by the pandemic
• As clean energy demand reaches new high
• To meet the challenges of a new Energy Order post  Russia
• Ukrain conflict, and -To keep up with Industry 5.0

New Sectors Are Introduced

Exhibitor Profile

• Oil and gas/ LNG
• Lighting for shopping centers, advertising signsClean coal technologies/ Carbon capture and storage
• Distributed energy
• Microgrid

Generation of Electricity
• Power Generating plantsC
• o-generation plants
• Waste-To-Energy
• Solar/Wind
• Small Hydro
• Geothermal
• Nuclear

Generation of Electricity
• Power Generating plantsC
• o-generation plants
• Waste-To-Energy
• Solar/Wind
• Small Hydro
• Geothermal
• Nuclear

Transmission Technology
• Overland power grid systems
• Underwater cables and pipes
• Underground cables and conduits
• Trench and tunnel digging

Battery and Energy Storage

Distribution Technology

• Transformers
• Switchgears
• Switchboards
• Cables
• Conductors
• Accessories

Consultancy & Services
• Turnkey consultancy services
• Market studies
• Insurance
• Finance
• Logistics
• Supplies
• Publications

Renewable Energy
• Biomas
• Hydro
• Geothermal
• Wind
• Solar
• Ocean

Energy Storage Facilities

Offshore Exploration

• Platforms
• Infrastracture
• Supplies
• Drills
• Safty gears
• Equipment & services

Electric Transport
Oil And Gas Products
Coal Mining

Energy Management

• Energy management systems
• Energy saving technologies
• Energy efficiency technologies and products

Renewable EnergyInstallation Equipment
• Instrumentation • Analysers
• Testers • Controls
• Sensors • Fuse
• Insulators • Meters
• Gauges • Tools
• Switches • Bulbs
• Dimmers

Industrial Lighting Technology
• Lighting for factories and plants Airfields
• Airports
• Sea ports
• Railway

Electrical Products
• Electrical appliances & equipment for industrial use
• Electrical appliances for consumer use
• Electrical saving devices
• Energy efficiency gadgets & systems
• Electric TransportationSmart Electric Products

Electrical Products
• Mobile generators
• Battery
• Emergency lighting
• Torches
• Conduits
• Cables
• Containers

Residential Lightings & Accessories
• Lighting for homes
• Gardens & outdoor Emergency lighting
• Energy-saving devices & equipment
• Bulbs
• Remote controls
• Timers
• Sensors, etc.

Public Lighting Technologies
• Lighting for roads, highways, subways
• Lighting for parks and public places
• Lighting for stations, stadiums, pools

Commercial Lighting Technology
• Lighting for commercial buildings offices
• Lighting for shopping centers, advertising signs

Robots and Smart Machines

Energy Efficiency and Mgt.
• Energy efficiency technologues in buildings
• Energy saving techniques in industry
• Energy efficient  technologies applicable to manufacturing
• Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Visitor ProfileThrough collaboration with government and local associations, our show manage to seize attention from industry media and lead player attention.

Renewable Energy / Power Generation / Equipment and Supplies / Energy Management / Distribution Technology / Consultancy and Planning / Lighting Technology / Logistics and Storage / Transmission Technology / Oil and Gas / Coal Mining / Nuclear Energy

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This project was launched in 1995 for the Department of Energy and the National Power Corporation during the height of the energy crisis in the Philippines.The objective was to gather under one roof the major international energy players to introduce them to the Philippine market and the relevant government agencies and private counterparts. Since then, Powertrends has been a regular event supported by the Department of Energy and all the relevant industry agencies and industry associations.

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PowerTrends 2019 Review The 13th edition of Powertrends was successfully concluded last September 6, 2018 at SMX Convention Center Manila, MOA Complex, Pasay City, Philippines.
With the theme “Building A Resilient and Sustainable Energy Future: A Transformative Shift to Cleaner Energy", its international exhibition and conference was officially opened by the representative of Energy Secretary Cusi, Hon. Felix William Fuentebella, Undersecretary of the Department of Energy. This was followed by a keynote address from Hon. Sherwin T. Gatchalian, Senator and Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee. Brief messages were also delivered by the Ambassadors of the Embassy of Canada, Denmark and the Economic & Commercial Counsellor of Spain in Manila.


Event Area






No. of Attendees


2019 Edition

• Theme: “Trends Shaping the Renewable Energy”
• WHEN: 03-04 September 2019  WHERE: SMX Convention Center, MOA Complex, Manila, Philippines
• Organized in cooperation with the Department of Energy in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Board (NREB)



• Largest ASEAN participation of exhibitors and visitors. Was a feature of the ASEAN Ministers of Energy Meeting when Philippines played Official Host on the Golden Anniversary of ASEAN’s founding in 2017.
• Large database of visitors and exhibitors from the last 22 years.
• Focus sectors: LNG,Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Bio, Nuclear, Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Microgrids, Hybrid Energy Sources, Electric Vehicles


Since 1995

• The oldest and largest energy show in the Philippines. First organized with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) in 1995 at the height of our energy crisis.
• High-level conference and exhibition
• Covers all technologies, trends and issues relation to the energy sector

• According to a report released by the Department of Energy and the World Bank, the Philippines has the capacity to develop 21 gigawatts of offshore wind power by 2040, which is approximately a fifth of its current electricity supply. More wind power will reduce the country's reliance on fossil fuels.
• The economy increased by 8.3% in the first quarter of 2022, defying the expectations of all analysts.
• The $107.9 billion in dollar reserves can cover nine months' worth of imports, including energy and food. The Philippines had barely $1 million in usable reserves at its worst point, in the mid-1980s.

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