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PowerTrends - [ Post Covid 19 ]The Philippines' only exhibition organized  in collaboration with government,  celebrates its 25th ANNIVERSARY 

Feburary 8-10


Prelude on
Sept. 5 2022
New World Hotel
Makati Philipines

SMX Exhibition Center  
Pasay City Philippines


2 Co - located Events:


• 100 exhibitors from 10 countries •
• 4000 professional attendees •
• 250 conference delegates •
• B to B sessions •

POWERTRENDS POST COVID 19  Show PreviewPowerTrends will celebrate its 25th anniversary on 2023. As the oldest and best-established energy show in the Philippines, we will celebrate together with all our past exhibitors and sponsors.

More About Us

POWERTRENDS POST COVID 19 marks many milestones:

• it ushers in a newly -elected  government in the Philippines
• it marks the tail end of Covid 19 pandemic
• it unfolds a New Energy Era post Russia- Ukraine  conflict
• it fully unlocks Industry 4.0 to Energy, and
• It marks the 25th anniversary of POWERTRENDS

The past 2 years since POWERTRENDS were years of pandemic 2019. The period raised awareness for critical issues very significant to the energy system, particularly:

a. The critical role of electricity in sustaining  health care, information and communication tools, water supply, logistics, education, the financial sector, public transportation and other services critical to the functioning of the economy and society. At the same time, it brought to light the risks posed by energy supply interruptions and the cascading impact on other systems.

b. The supply and source of energy being a  geo- political and national security issue.  

It is against these backdrop that we present POWERTRENDS POST COVID 19 , to introduce the direction of the new Government and its focus on new sectors for energy , along the thrust to pursue Cleaner Energy,  to overcome the challenges of Climate Change.

As the world slowly recovers from the Covid 19 pandemic, POWERTRENDS likewise returns   on SEPTEMBER 5,2022 with a THOUGHT LEADERS' ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION to serve as Prologue  for the  grand celebration of the SILVER ANNIVERSARY  of POWERTRENDS POST COVID  19 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION and BUSINESS FORUM on FEBRUARY 8 - 10, 2023.

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G Power Expo  will introduce NEW SECTORS of the industry to reignite and/or resurrect interest for them.  

• Data CentersEnergy
• Efficiency
• Energy storage/Battery Solution
• The latest in renewable energy generation and utilization
• Electrical components
• Mini-micro grids and hybrids
• The latest in power transmission
• Energy distribution systems
• Geothermal energy
• BiogasNuclear energy
• The latest in fossil fuels technologies to maintain present energy stability and security

200+ exhibitors and sponsors and more than 3,000 delegatesPowerTrends - G-Power 2020 will welcome more than 100+ exhibitors and sponsors and more than 4,000 delegates from ASEAN

PowerTrends - G-Power 2020 will showcase the latest trends and technologies under the government plan and ensure you will meet with local and national governments from all levels to exchange about the future ENERGY MIX for the Philippines.

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